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Welcome to the International Institute of Home Staging

Home staging is an essential marketing tool when selling a property. Home staging (also known as pre-sale property styling) is the process of preparing your property for sale in a way that gives you the best chance of achieving the maximum sale price in the quickest possible time frame. Home staging is a systematic process that involves many elements and aspects of maintenance, marketing and styling. All of these elements combine to provide a synergistic effect that showcases your property’s strong points and makes sure your property shines and soars above its competition.

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International Institute of Home Staging (IIHS) offers the first and only online Australian home staging and property styling courses.

IIHS offers education at various levels, from introductory to more advanced certificate courses, giving you the tools and insights required to start your own successful home staging business just like Naomi's. Check out Silk Home Staging and Styling to see how a success home staging business can get great results and thrive.

With the unique members area available to all graduates of IIHS, you'll have access to continual professional development resources, webinars and discounted workshops to help you continue on your property staging career.

The courses offered by IIHS are put together by a fantastic array of Australian design, styling and business mentors that provide great insight into what is growing industry. You too can make more money on your property sales or start your own property styling and home staging business.

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